Adopted into an Aussie Family – Melbourne, Australia

It was hard to leave Mission Beach. I just kept meeting wonderful people who kept me feeling like I was right at home. Emma and Amy kept me laughing right up until I jumped in the bus. Sad to part with Kristin after some weeks but know I will see her again as well as my new Irish friends.

I stayed as long as I could then Elliot saw me off waving as I hopped on a bus then a plane. I met up with Moni again sharing travel tales since we last parted in Byron Bay. Now I am in Melborne. Sarah (who I met in England) picked me up from the airport at 1am and we caught up on our latest adventures before turning in making it quite a late night.

I woke to melodious birdsongs outside the window and in my sleepy daze I thought I saw Bug, my old cat, walking out the door. It took me a few seconds to remember meeting Sarahs` cat Satsui the night before. You will not believe how similar Bug and Satsui are. The resemblance is remarkable. They are the same coloring (striping are identical) and exactly the same body type and size. Even down to the personality, Satsui is Bugs` twin sister. If I didn’t know better I would think that someone shipped Bug to be here with me for Christmas. But as it is, I suspect Bug has sent Satsui specific cat instructions telepathically to give me many cuddles and snuggles.

I am receiving lots of love from Sarahs` zoo of two cats, two dogs, two geckos and a cute comical rat. The parents, Terry and Jenny, are so warm and welcoming its as if I am some beloved long lost relative. James and Alex didn`t take long to begin treating me just like a sister. Alex is forever making the best mixed drinks and trying to stuff me with every kind of chip, candy or chocolate available. Must be trying to fatten me up for Christmas dinner!

Yesterday, we lazed around in the pool eating tantalizing Teriushi (sushi created by Terry) and drinking wine. We talked about how strange it is to have Christmas in the summer. How impractical it is to heat up the whole house in 40+ temps cooking turkey. Christmas BBQ and pool parties will change my images of Christmas cheer forever.

We ate savory BBQ kangaroo for dinner which was much like beef but leaner. I tried fresh from the garden yellow zucchini and learned that here, red peppers are called capsicum. I write these words I am listening to Christmas songs on the stereo feeling very festive. I would normally go make a snowman or snow angels at this point drinking hot chocolate all the while. But today I will make some fresh lemonade after I pick some lemons from the tree in the backyard. Then I will go for a refreshing swim in the pool to cool off from the sizzling ball of fire in the naked sky.

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