Meeting Mr Shark – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The fantastical colors in the magical garden of the sea remind me of coloring with a big box of crayons. Even if I mixed together all the shades, I could never come up with anything even close to natures` pallet. The paint that Mother Nature uses breathes. It is alive.

The fish change color before your very eyes with the combination of light and dark creating a gleaming glittering effect. The size variations in the sea world make you feel like you are in another dimension. Flying through the trillion tiny air bubbles as you get towed back to the boat, remind me of the first snowfall of the winter. Giant white ice crystals fall to the earth slowly seemingly confused about gravity.

I noticed Mr Shark out of the corner of my eye then jerked my head around for a double take. For one second I felt a gripping anxious fear paired with intense excitement. The 8 foot grey beauty coasted along the sand near the reef edge only meters away from Ester and I. He soared through the aquamarine water like he owned the joint.

Once I regained my composure, I wound my underwater camera to capture the moment. The intriguing creature snapped his head around at the very moment of the camera click. I tried to keep my vibrations positive so as not to alarm him.

Think: It`s ok my friend. Calm. We are just visiting and will obey the rules of your house. Oh and did I mention how handsome you are?!

He contemplated us for a few seconds before twitching his powerful tail thus swinging his entire body back on track. He continued his cutting forward motion along the reef shelf.

One wonders how they will deal with any given situation. You can guess and hypothesize but until it actually happens, how can you know for sure? When man meets nature for the first time, there is an instant which flows seamlessly from surprise to curiosity to recognition to respect.

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