Underwater Wonderworld – Whitehaven Beach, Australia

As we pulled up in the tender, I could feel the heat radiating off the powder light sand. It is 98% silica and feels like talcum powder. The sun is so bright today that any random cloud is a welcome break from the scorching rays.

I practiced Poi and showed a few people the ropes…haha excuse the pun. I was amazed how quickly Nick and Claire picked it up. I donned my stinger suit which was surprisingly comfortable then hit the waves. I ate Vegemite toast for breakfast thinking it was just weeks ago that I wouldn`t go near the stuff. It really grows on you.

The crew seem to have so much fun in their tasks – work like you don`t need the money. Be joyful in even the most mundane of tasks. When it was time to do the dishes, they would blast the music singing and dancing taking their turns. It looked like so much fun I would have joined them if the galley would have had more space.

When I went snorkeling yesterday, I saw coral that looked like gargantuan lettuce and cauliflower. It was a veritable flower and vegetable garden of colossal proportions. I dove down to experience the tranquil waterworld. I followed the pastel colored parrot fish swimming through schools of what looked like oversize tetras. They hung stationary with a “couldn`t be bothered” look in their eyes. They barely made an effort to move as I sliced through the liquid around them.

I absentmindedly drifted into a school of hundreds of fish. They swarmed around me gracefully speaking to me with their curious tail flickers. Dancing around each other swirling down together then darting back up to just below the surface – the invisible door between the elements.

The spritely striped zebra fish created somewhat of an optical illusion when paired with the iridescent yellow-tailed fish. I was in awe of the natural innocence circling my weightless body.

The stars are more active here than I have seen anywhere. Mick introduced me to the glowing florescent green phosphorus in the night water behind the boat. It looked like a universe of stars and planets twirling magically. Like water fairies jumping from one energy cell to anther. A spectacle if I have ever seen one.

I identified the Southern Cross which once you find it, stands out magnificently. There are stars in the sky that look so close that if you stare at them long enough they merge into one creating one brilliant supernova exploding light in all directions. Like a magnificent flower in heaven with delicate silvery petals illuminating the black darkness.

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