Sleeping in the Sails – Whitsundays, Australia

There is a quiet calm on the deck – no one awake yet save for the eagle soaring almost skimming the turquoise sea. I see wisps of cloud backlit by the approaching sun which is just moments away from climbing the leafy hills that encompass the inlet. The warm breeze caresses my sleepy muscles as I stretch taking in long doses of the sweet ocean air.

Yesterday, I packed my stuff then went to the lagoon to try and wash away the soapy residue still clinging to me. Rushed around trying to get everything done before boarding the boat but still made time for pizza and drinks with the guys. Locals never cease to amaze me with their kindness and generosity.

The boat we were on is stunning. As we walked up to it, we all chattered away excitedly. After a welcome champagne, we all got acquainted then watched many shooting stars blazing across the night sky. I was told that the crew sleeps in the sails at night. I didn`t believe it until lo and behold, as I was doing my morning stretching on deck, one by one the emerged sleepily with their pillows in hand. One weary shipmate would shake the sail back and forth until a little head would pop up. Like a cocoon ripened by the star and moon beams. I would imagine that dreaming in the sails of your vessel would bring good luck….if you believe in such things 😉

Anaconda III is beautiful and well laid out. The crew runs a clean and well organized ship without forgetting to have fun. I have been on bigger boats and smaller boats but as Goldielocks said “This one is just right!”

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