Fabulous Foam Party – Airlie Beach, Australia

So after getting off the yachts, Kristin and I walked through the cute little town of Yeppoon. There was a store called Carmels, so I had to go in and discovered they had the cutest stuff. All my life, I have been looking for a key chain or any other paraphernalia with my name on it. My name is just not that common. But finally! I tried to buy it but there wasn`t time because the bus was coming.

We jumped on the bus and went to sleepy Rockhampton which seemed like a ghost town. In fact, the town is quite small but boasts 3 graveyards (not tiny or pretty either) and a crematorium. Suffice to say, we didn’t stay long, changing our ticket from 1130pm to 630pm. We tried but just could not get into it this place. We ate some pizza and jumped on the bus out of Rockhampton to Airlie Beach.

Kristin was mentioning before we boarded how grumpy and mean she thought Aussie bus drivers were. Just then we were gifted with the best driver ever! His commentary had the whole bus in stitches. Then to top it off, he played Lord of the Rings for the movie! Yay! I have seen it but have been meaning to see it again before I get to New Zealand.

So the day just got better. Good thing because I wasn`t feeling very upbeat that day. Amazing how one nice person can change your mood. We passed a town called Carmila. I wasn`t sure if my eyes were deceiving me but we kept passing these signs. Yup, Carmila…it`s just too bad I couldn`t get a picture by the sign.

We got to Airlie in the middle of the night and checked into this hostel that had frogs, snakes, lizards and bugs everywhere. We weathered it for one night but then changed hostels the next day. Seems we checked into the party room so I stayed up talking to these strange characters until the wee hours of the morn.

Airlie Beach is sweltering. We pretty much just ate then rested because its way too hot to do anything else. They have charming little trinket shops here so window shopping is more than just an excuse to jump out of the heat into air conditioning. There are too many jellyfish to go swimming but they have a really nice lagoon that everyone goes to.

I FINALLY booked my Whitsunday cruise. I can`t believe it took me 3 weeks to decide. Tonight, I jump on the boat which just happens to specialize in diving on the Great Barrier Reef. It`s too expensive but it will be my Xmas present to myself. The boat looks spectacular so I am very excited.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a table and guess who I saw? My friend Jason from Edmonton! I had no idea he was even traveling. We went back to meet our new roommates who happened to be sweet Theo from Montreal and would you believe, another Kristin from Norway. Charlotte let me try her guitar which I will have to do again, I quite like it.

I recruited one of Jason’s friends Claire, to come on the diving trip with us. There will be three of us now. We all drank wine and watched a funny pretzel-like “position” contest at the hostel.

Next Kristin and I went to the Ibiza Foam Party which was honestly, like nothing I have been to before. It wasn`t long before I had to go home and change into some less slippery shoes and pretty much strip to nothing but my swimsuit. I kept trying to convince the others outside that inside was the place to be. It must have worked because the place was packed after not too long.

The music was fast and hard and the bubbles were soft and slippery. The whole place was in 4 (sometimes 8) feet of suds with everyone dancing, flinging bubbles everywhere! There were many moments I was completely enveloped and it would take me a few minutes to find my way out of the gigantic bubble cloud. It was surreal!

Every so often I would go to the bar and get a refreshing spray of cool water to wash away the suds from my face. The only thing I had to worry about was to make sure I didn`t inhale too many bubbles. I made many new friends and everyone was in the best mood, laughing while slipping and sliding everywhere. People were taking running starts and flying down the length of the dance floor carried by surfboards of soapiness. I danced until the end of the night then after a shower rinse I fell into bed absolutely spent!

Today, I woke with very tight skin and sore calves but it was well worth it. Like a giant bubble bath with hundreds of friends. Hey, kinda like the time we went through the car wash without the car, but even better because we had a DJ! I must admit that I have never felt so clean in my life. I want to go swimming in the lagoon but I fear that I will turn it into a soapy mess. I have tried to get the soap out but it`s burrowed deep in my pores. Hey look at the bright side, this solves the how-to-carry-soap-backpacking dilemma. I won`t need to use soap in the shower for a very long time.

I am still trying to adjust to the fact that Xmas will be without snow. I love to browse in the stores listening to festive holiday music. We even saw a Santa on a motorbike driving down the highway! Ho ho ho

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