Opus of Birth – Northwest Island, Australia

What a treat! No other boat in the area so we were completely isolated with an entire tropical island to ourselves. I was surprised how quickly the tide went in and we were able to go ashore – just in time for sunset.

The others walked ahead as I sat in the sand, watching the dense papaya colored glow around the sun visit shades of peach and carnation before gradually tucking herself into the sea. I noticed several turtles passing not more than 10 feet in front of me, slowly gliding along the shallow shoreline. Some would hover popping their heads out intermittently as if to say “Welcome to our island…isn`t she sweet?”.

I sang and played poi as the light drained down the hole which the sun descended moments ago. As darkness befell this tiny corner of the earth, I gazed at the heavens as one by one, the stars materialized taking their place in the celestial stage.

Resting peacefully nestled in our sandy retreat, we observed the massive dark ovals emerging from the deep. I was enchanted by the purity of nature that was taking place all around us. The sea turtles left a trail of perpendicular flipper marks through the sand up to near the trees. Here, they began to dig rhythmically propelling sand more than a meter away.

The caterwauling and bellows of the mysterious forest behind us composed an opus of birth. The turtles lay their eggs then buried them to safeguard from predators. The boulder-like creatures then drag themselves back into their ultramarine home. I wish I could spend a month here to see the hatchlings awaken innocently to the wide world that awaits them.

We took our leave carefully so as not to disturb the sacred ritual which would ensure the sea turtles survival. That night, we had a simple dinner of spaghetti and an early night. I was determined to stay away to watch the moonrise at 430am but I didn`t quite make it. The dazzling starbeams cast a glow over my weary eyes lulling me into a content slumber.

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