Sailing through the Coral Sea – Near Northwest Island, Australia

I think it`s Tuesday or Wednesday. Today is the eclipse that I have been looking forward to. It`s 530AM and the sun is already roasting. I fell asleep to a moonless sky chock full of stars and I woke to the sun creeping up on a clean blue slate.

The day after the storm we had a quiet day and I got to do some writing. As well, it was really nice to spend some alone time on the beach. The day after that, we woke for an exciting day at sea. We set sail at 7am and I wasn`t feeling all that great. But as the day progressed, so did my mood. I rested, read and fished along side the boat until we arrived at Northwest Island.

It`s a small deserted little slab of land covered by trees surrounded by a white powdery beach. The tide was just going in and fast! We had noticed so many turtles swimming around as we pulled in and anchored off the west end of the island. We fished some more but only caught small ones that we had to throw back. I was trying hard not to catch any suckerfish which took an immediate liking to our yacht. Yuck!

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