Storm at sea – Coral Sea, Australia

Last night was an amazing experience – albeit terrifying, it was thrilling all the same. The boat churned about reminding me of the power of Mother Nature. All sorts of questions bounced around my brain. If we keep abusing our environment, will our enjoyment of it will diminish at the same rate? Has it already begun? And is it too late?

We now get droughts and horrendous floods, tornadoes have sprung up out of nowhere and earthquakes near volcanoes shake my head. Is it my imagination or is the earths` climate getting most upset?

The storm pulsed around our yachts, smashing them together like the clap of cymbals. The deafening cracks of static through the air chilled my bones. But I wasn`t scared. I knew we had a completely competent crew, one of which even fell in the reckless sea trying to keep our boats together.

Christine and I weaved anklets out of hemp to distract from the nervous energy. Almost as quickly as it came, it left us standing in a soggy stillness. Just a broken cup and a few bruises, nothing unrepairable. Completely spent, we all turned in for an early night rocking to sleep between the heavy swells.

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