First Day at Sea – Snorkling and Sunning – Great Keppel Island, Australia

First thing after waking from a wonderful sea sleep, I jumped into the already very warm sea before enjoying an interesting breakfast of tea and protein packed muesli. We lounged around the boats as all the sleepyheads reared their weary heads one after another.

Later, a few of us jumped off and went snorkeling around the reefs in the area. I saw many different fish that I had never seen before. There was also a sea turtle and some rays, one that was even bigger than me! I was a little nervous as I swam only 3 meters over top of it watching its` beady eyes following my every movement.

We had a healthy lunch of salad, ham and cheese before resting some more. The hot hot hot sun really takes it out of you so many rests are required, as well as many liquids. I have really taken it easy on the drinking but we did buy quite a bit so we should really start consuming some of it. Never order booze when your thirsty…same as food shopping when your hungry.

Christine and I went to the beach and practiced poi when we noticed a huge thunderstorm cell developing. We watched as sheets of pink lightening lit up the dark cloud formations which were moving in quickly. We made it back to the boat shortly before the wind kicked up. We thought we might be alright as the storm looked as it would bypass us. But we were wrong.

It wasn`t more than 10 minutes before the clouds had taken a sudden shift and were heading straight for us. The lightening became more intense, highlighting the ominous heavy clouds that were tumbling closer and closer.

Then, sudden cracks of thunder signalled that the storm was getting near and the boat began to pitch and roll furiously. Just when we thought we had escaped the angry squall, it was descending directly upon us…

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