Meeting the Shipmates – Great Keppel Island, Australia

We arrived at 3AM and visited over coffee until the guys came at 6AM. The 6 swedes were a little drowsy from their bus ride so we exchanged few formalities before making the sleepy bus ride to the docks. We met Jim, who was our skipper who informed us that we would get to have two boats! The other boat was run by Ron and Rachel, who went on a massive shopping excursion minutes after we arrived. Jim decided that we could go on without them and they could catch up. So we were off!

The sailing conditions were perfect as the sun shone down over the ocean as we plowed through the slight waves. Every now and then a fine mist would fly over the deck cooling us just enough. We were all in great spirits as we anchored just off Great Keppel Island. There were only a few other boats in the area and the long white beach was deserted.

We all got acquainted while snacking on crackers, fresh pickled fish, cheese and olives washed down with a few cool beers. Exuberant Micheal, just could not wait to get into the sea so we weren`t surprised when we heard hoots and hollers over the side of the boat.

I decided to have a nap as I hadn`t slept in over a day and it looked like it would be a long night. I awoke to find that Ron and Rachel had arrived bringing another shipmate from Scotland by the name of Katie. As we spoke, we were delighted to find that I had met one of her best mates, Kellie Anne, while I was in Amsterdam. Just one more reason to visit Glasgow.

A few of us took a small motor boat over to the beach and watched the sun disappear over the horizon. We drank wine while playing card games and laughing away. When the last light waned, we laid back and admired the bright shiny stars reflecting like jewels on the calm water in front of us. I nestled my feet into the powder sand and found that as I dug deeper, the sand got markedly warmer.

One of the boats, in the sea was flashing its light at us in what seemed to be Morse code so I flashed our torch right back at them. I don`t quite know what I said but we had a 10 minute conversation like this.

We were greeted with a delicious smell wafting up from the kitchen as we stepped back on the boat. We settled down to a filling dinner of sauteed veggies and fresh fish over pasta. They had tied the boats together so we had run over two boats. We played different music on each boat so it was like club hopping…but not.

After doing the dishes, I visited for a bit before joining already retired Christine in our cubbyhole. It`s lined with books and if you open the hatch, you can stare at the stars as you drift into a lulled state of relaxation.

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