Surprise Invitation – Rockhampton, Australia

I woke and ate a yum breakfast with Nadine where I met Christine from Norway, the first Norwegian I`ve met. Christines` gentle eyes and soft smile led me to trust her enough to follow her when she invited me on an adventure. She had met 6 Swedes in Byron Bay who were going to charter a boat and sail up the coast for a week. Well, why not?

I had been trying to plan my Whitsundays sailing trip for a week and just could not decide upon a boat. It was starting really bother me that I couldn`t make a decision but none felt right for some reason. I was about 10 minutes away from biting the bullet and just choosing randomly. I could already see that I could get stuck in Noosa if I didn`t do SOMETHING. Then I met Christine.

Carmella: So what are you doing today?
Nadine: I am going to do this hike.
Carmella: Hum. (Not interested in any more hikes for now)
Christine: I have to go catch a bus this afternoon.
Carmella: Oh? Where are you going?
Christine: I am going to met up with these guys who are chartering a boat and sailing around the Great Barrier Reef for a week or so.
Carmella: Cool! Sounds like fun.
Christine: Yeah, should be good. Hey…you wanna come?
Carmella: Um…(I think for about 5 seconds) Yeah, sure!! When do we leave? Oh…and what`s your name again?

So, it was settled. I checked out then spent the rest of the day by the pool before jumping on a bus to Rockhampton. Oh Joy! Another night bus. I know that I said I wouldn`t do that again after Sydney to Byron but well, I didn`t have much of a choice. It wasn`t AS bad but still, it took me a couple of hours to uncrumple myself from the twisted sleeping positions.

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