Nature Walk to Surfy Beach – Noosa, Australia

There were three bands playing at the hostel bar the night I arrived. It was great fun and I met tons of people including some really nice locals who tried to learn some Poi. Nadine from Germany and I decided to go to Noosa National Park the next day then to the beach. We met up with Daniel (a Roman through and through), Liron and Nir from Israel before walking to the park as the day heated up.

There were strange trees with long tube looking branches sprouting out all over. I happened to glance up and saw my first Koala! It was so cute just clinging to the tree as it swayed in the barely there breeze. We watched a pod of wild dolphins frolicking in the waves below a place on the cliff called Dolphin Point. Right on cue…how nice.

Looking out from the tropical tree laden steep rock walls over the endless blue sea, I couldn`t help but smile. We came upon a beach and after much deliberation, decided we could spend half an hour there before continuing on with the hike. Goal oriented Nadine would make sure we stuck to our schedule. Well, 30 mins turned into an excellent 3 hours as we morphed into dolphins dancing in the warm waves.

For the first time, I really began to understand the attraction of the beach. I used to get annoyed by the salt stinging my eyes and leaving my skin feeling dry. My head used to get flooded with water every time a wave would catch my off guard. The sand would drive me mad after 3 showers and still finding it in my belly button. My, how things have changed.

Now the water draws me closer and closer until before I know it, I am diving into the biggest waves I have ever been in. One right after another with barely 2 seconds to recover! The powerful ocean churns around my body as the sun smiles down on me. I caught a huge wave and body surfed for the first time, all the way to shore! I felt so graceful and free until my swim top almost came off. It wouldn’t be a problem as it was a nude beach but well, maybe tomorrow I will venture into that territory. But not yet.

We walked through the park after a nice rest on the soft grainy sand. The plants were so fascinating that I kept getting left behind, investigating a mysterious tree or flower. We came out and walked past some extravagant houses as we dreamed about the day we would all be neighbours with the same view.

We visited Sunshine beach before heading back to the hostel. Daniel Nadine and I went grocery shopping for dinner when I discovered the most revolting potato chips ever. I could not bring myself to eat even just one more so I pawned them off on unsuspecting strangers with the claim they would never taste something more foul. I was correct.

Danny Boy (he hates that) made us a delicious pasta which complimented Nadines` special salad perfectly. We spent the rest of the night learning Hebrew Italian German and English. My language lessons are coming along nicely. I was absolutely exhausted! By the time my head hit the pillow…I was already off in dreamland.

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