Shoe Sensitivity and Banana Flambe – Brisbane, Australia

I really didn`t explore too much of Brisbane as I know I will be heading back there. I spent most of my time chilling out with the new fam. Christie, Hil and I went to watch the sunset until the wind kicked up.

Next, we headed off to the supermarket to pick up some stuff for supper. We spent way too long there (my fault) because I got lost in all the cool types of foods that were avail to me. I can`t get over all the new choices. They were finally able to tear me away and we zoomed home.<br>
Together, we made a really yum lasagna with spinach, mushrooms, ham, ricotta and lots of luuuuv. For dessert, I made my bananas flambe which is quickly becoming my specialty. I love cooking so it`s a real treat to have a full kitchen at my disposal. It`s something that I miss traveling so I am very grateful to Hils family for letting me take over their kitchen for a night.

After dinner, we did some fire twirling and I actually got up the nerve to use fire. Although the wand is not my thing I didn`t do too badly. I only burned my hair once. And not a lot. Apparently, this is one of the initiations to fire twirling. I am becoming very confident with the poi and feel very gifted to be ambidextrous. I think that I will be able to use fire with them soon.

While I was twirling, I got stung by an ant right on the bottom of my foot. It hurt so much and came in waves of pain. I have only been stung by a wasp once but this was almost as bad. Come to think of it, that wasp stung me in almost exactly the same place. Maybe I should wear shoes. Nah. No one here in Oz wears shoes much. Good way to cure smelly feet.

In Europe, that was one thing that really got to me. People would come in from long day trips and then take off their disgusting rotty shoes in the room for us all to share. I remember marinading in some really wrong aromas wafting from some inconsiderate shoe stinker. You have to try and sleep in that. Trust me…it is not nice. I think someone lost some shoes out the window once because they were airing out on the sill. Bad excuse man. If your not shoe sensible, you may “lose” them out the window anyway.

I slept really well then spent the day relaxing and packing up to head to Noosa. As Hil and I were walking to the bus station, we saw them setting up a HUGE Christmas tree downtown. This is so bizarre for me. I mean, my mind and body are so confused when I hear Christmas music in the stores. I love it tho. Remember, I am the one who set up her Christmas tree in Oct and didn`t take it down till May. It was a masterpiece. How could I destroy such a work of art? Haha. Anyway. So I know I am rambling but I just really don`t feel like being inside so I will come back and fill you in on the rest later. Off to the beach!

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