Coasting Up – Burleigh Heads, Australia

Last night in Bryon Bay, we went out to a club and danced all night until we collapsed into bed for a 3 hour sleep. Dave, Matt, and Hilary invited me up to Burleigh Heads so we hopped in the car and were off. As I go further up the coast, it gets warmer and warmer. The flowers are more lush and the sun just a little brighter.

Burleigh Heads was a nice stop in a cute little surfer town. Took me a while to figure out the bus stops though. I know I didn`t plan on it but now I am in Brisbane visiting Hilary`s family. They are so warm and inviting welcoming me with open arms. The flowers in their yard smell so yummy and are quickly becoming my favorites.

Hil, Christy and I went on a nature walk all over their neighbourhood and saw a huge iguana. At least I think that’s what it was. We kinda wandered into a “forbidden zone” so we are not positive. I also saw snake skins and big bugs. I am getting much better with my exaggerated fear of bugs and reptiles. I think the beauty here definitely balances out the creepy factor.

I have been doing much stretching and hiking just trying to get in better touch with my body. I am learning the art of living in the moment. I breath as slowly and deeply as I can. It`s supposed to get warmer and warmer over the next few weeks for me so I suppose that will mean more beach days and more hammock naps. I am going to be sandy for months, shedding beaches of squeaky clean power sand everywhere. I love it!

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