Magic Happens – Byron Bay, Australia

Left Byron Bay finally. I can`t believe I was stuck there for 10 days! I had an absolutely amazing time and will love to go back. I met some very special people who really touched my heart. Sue and Steve are so sweet and showed me how to live the laid back life. Simon and Hannah really know how to party it up to have a good time. At one point there there was a whole table of people wearing beer boxes constructed into hats! Manue whose bubbly innocence is healing to anyone around. Ana who always gave me great hugs just when I needed them. Ben who can basically do anything he puts his mind to. He taught me how to make beautiful hemp bracelets and necklaces. I can`t believe how many Canadians were at the Arts Factory. It seemed that we dominated the talent show…ahhh we are so modestly talented. Haha.

Gorgeous Wade filled my time with smiles and speechless moments. Wow. Charming and creative, he even introduced me to a new version of cricket which involves a florescent yellow bouncing ball and Steve’s sandle…flipflop…jandle…thong…whatever you call it! Anyway, it was really hard to say goodbye but we were both going the opposite ways. I won`t forget him or our special moments. That`s for sure.

I watched surfers sharing the waves with the wild dolphins while sunning on the beach. The animals are like your pets when they just sit there looking at you with the “what`s your name?” look on their face. Even the boa constrictor that stared silently into the girls in the shower from the rafters above. I really liked Bryon Bay for the accepting and fun filled spiritual atmosphere as well as the breathtaking nature experience that it provides. I can`t say enough about the people that I met there. But I know that I will never forget them.

Finally I got to go fishing! A group of us spent a sunscreen laden day by a lake eating juicy sweet watermelon which cooled us from the blazing sun. I went to a Poi lesson and liked it so much that I had to have some. So now whenever I get a chance, I swing around the Poi which creates a magical energy field around me. Maybe one day I will be good enough to play with fire. Dave, Hilary and I practiced together as we are all into it. Some people use sticks and some people use poi yet others use devil sticks and wands. On Sunday nights, all the fire twirlers come out to the beach and a great band plays.

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