Sun Set Moon Rise Sweet Heart – Byron Bay, Australia

Wade and I spent the day (and many) together exploring all the wonders of Byron Bay. We strolled down the beach making funny tracks in the sand. We sat in the shade at a picnic table when all of a sudden we were surrounded by wildlife. A water dragon and 5 birds came to hangout were acting like our pets or something. We watched the surfers tame the waves which was a really mesmerizing spectacle.

Next, we hiked up to the most easterly point in Oz and up to the lighthouse. We sat together on a bench overlooking the sea to watch the sun set and the moon rise. On one side the moon just begins to appear, slowly and just taking its time. Meanwhile on the the other side, the bright hot sun takes its final bow over the mountains lighting up the ocean waves like a jewellery box. The sky is transformed into a watercolor painting that moves between sheets of tissue paper. I saw a pink heart in the clouds and thought it was a definite sign.

People living here have a childlike peaceful optimism. The children are so free and expressive without a fear in the world. Full of life and love just bursting with innocence. There are so many beautiful and graceful expectant mothers. The ocean has never looked so vast and strong. I remember looking for happiness in places where happiness just doesn`t grow. But the moment I look within, I can reflect out what happiness I feel. Thus the garden grows.

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2 Responses to Sun Set Moon Rise Sweet Heart – Byron Bay, Australia

  1. Cynthia says:

    I was just wondering what time the moon would rise over Byron Bay today when I came across your page. It’s full moon this Saturday, and I will be sitting up at the lighthouse watching the moonrise and sunset. Thanks for giving me the idea! You sound like a really interesting person and I wil be ready more of your pages. luv, cindy

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the lovely compliment Cindy. When I really think about it, watching the sunrise and the sunset are very important to me. But watching the moonrise is something I often forget makes me very happy! 🙂

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