Gardens of Eden – Nimbin, Australia

I decided to take “Jim’s tour” and went to Nimbin today. It was quite different but in a good way. The museum was something else. I think it would take a long time to really go through the whole thing terrifyingly dazzling. The gorgeous scenery racing past as the fun bus seemingly flies through the air. Next, we stopped by a tropical rainforest/orchard owned and run by a little red-haired hippy called Paul.

Here there were flowers of sorts that I have never seen before. Bluebells that looked good enough to eat! When you would rip a leaf from one of the many fruit or flower trees, the most tasty aroma floated out. We tasted figs, Brazilian cherries, and fruits I don`t even know the name of – fresh off the tree – still alive. Flavor beads of energy bouncing on my tongue.

A tropical paradise that tickle your senses silly. Around each corner is a abundance of new surprises. The variety of plants look like something out of a Disney movie. I half expected to see the Cheshire cat grinning at me perched up on a mushroom. Even the ants here are larger than life marching along moving teacup size loads.

Aside from tending to his “garden”, Paul has also created some very interesting art which turns up at the most unexpected places. There’s been a serious draught in NSW so it was exciting when the sun beamed through the clouds and a deafening crack of thunder graced our ears with the promise of much needed rain. We thanked passionate Paul for allowing us to visit and made our way back to Byron Bay.

How can it be so warm and cool at the same time? Such harmony between the extremes – this is what love is about. I am not worrying anymore. I just know everything will be alright. The capacity for faith in the human mind is more powerful than anything else we have here on earth. It is imperative that we express our love in some way, through some release. It is in us to create. The moment. What is time anyway? Some say its our greatest asset. I wonder what exactly measurements of `our` dimensions are actually in reality – not dreams.

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