Artsy Fartsy Funtime Hostel – Byron Bay, Australia

I have been in Byron Bay for a few days now. The first night was good but I took it easy knowing the weekend was coming. I had taken the night bus where trust me, you do not sleep, I don’t care what they tell you. I went to the supermarket as soon as I stepped off the bus and bought tons of food. I had to carry for what seemed like a million blocks back to the Arts Factory hostel. Opps. I guess I miscalculated the distance. That was my workout anyway. Never shop when your hungry. That was my lesson for the day.

I went to the common area which is basically a sand meeting place surrounded by tropical trees, hammocks, and picnic tables. I almost stepped on this water dragon who looked me straight in the eye and said `As if you wouldn`t notice me`. Cool. I sat down to write and alas, a red-bellied black snake decided to grace me with his presence. I think I will probably be conquering a few fears here. He slithered just meters away from my feet. It`s ok. No problem.

Something in the air here just makes time go just a tad slower. I am sooooooooo relaxed. This place is really special. There are different groups everywhere playing guitar, fire twirling, singing, sharing stories of world journeys, ping pong tournaments, juggling, native aboriginal dancing, yoga, or just daydreaming in the hammock (that`s me).

People sharing on so many different levels – some they are not even aware of. Possums and wild turkeys, tropical birds and bats and even snakes come to see what the fuss is about. A curious water dragon scuttles off to find a new moment to get lost in. I wish I could do the same but for now, I will just recline on the outside observing.

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