Wandering wonderings – Sydney, Australia

I am just gearing up to leave Sydney at the moment. I will be back later in January to explore more when some of my Sydney friends get back from Europe. Now I am going up the coast to enjoy the beaches and the sun as well as the world renown scuba diving. I am pretty excited about the whole thing really.

I have really enjoyed teaching English to Taka from Japan. It was so funny because he said his foot was hurting and went to the hospital only to find out it was broken! Silly guy. It took him 4 weeks to figure it out. But then again, I guess I too have hurt myself pretty badly and not realized it till later.

We were talking about pets and I explained what “shake a paw” meant. He immediately pulled out his dictionary and looked up “paw”. He is so funny and makes me laugh just as much as I make him laugh. I am so happy to be able to connect with so many people on so many different levels.

Yesterday, I was a little tired so I thought I would have a short catnap. Well, I ended up sleeping from 5pm to midnight when I woke up completely disoriented. You know when you can`t tell if it`s day or night or even what day it is? Well, imagine not even knowing what country your in either!

I got my bearings and ventured down to the common room where they were watching a spaghetti western movie. I have never actually watched one of these but my dad really likes them so I now understand why. Gives me a little more insight into just exactly the kind of person that he is.

I sometimes wish that I could have known my parents when they were my age. I wonder if we would have been friends and what kind of conversations we would have had. I know that there is so much that I will never know about them but I am realizing that the more that I know myself, the more I can understand them. After all, I am just a product of them and I hope to take the best of both of them with me in my heart as I move through this life. It`s a strange concept to think of your parents as people and not just parents.

So I woke up really early this morning (6AM) with tons of energy so I thought I should go for a jog. I went all the way to Hyde Park and then did some stretching/meditative type stuff in front of a little fountain surrounded by a circular garden variety of flowers and plants.

Those funny birds I was talking about before started walking all around me curious to know why I was sitting on their breakfast! I watched them pecking at the ground occasionally finding a grub or worm to eat. It was pretty neat to see nature in action. Then they would go for a swim in the fountain sticking their long black beak in sideways for a drink.

I watched the people walking by on their way to work and vaguely remember how that feels. How cool would it be to be able to walk through a beautiful park like this to start off your morning? A guy came running by real worried-like and asked me if I saw two large dogs. I told him I hadn`t and he scampered off more concerned than ever. I imagined what two large dogs would be doing running around downtown Sydney. I thought about how much fun they must be having exploring the town and I am sure leaving their mark all over the place. Across the way, I saw a sweet older couple walking and noticed how in love they looked. They were busy pointing out little things to each other all the while holding hands. They seemed to be in their own time and space. Sweet.

I jogged back to the hostel and ate some breakfast then talked to a guy from Quebec about separation and politics. I explained that I didn’t know much on the topic but he was more than happy to enlighten me. I love learning about peoples views on things and being able to listen without prejudice. “If everybody looked the same, we`d get tired of looking at each other.”

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