Downtown Sydney Walking Tour – Sydney, Australia

I am sitting near Harbour Bridge watching the water taxis glide by. Listening to the unique Australian accent that even the seagulls seem to possess. Sydney reminds me a lot of Vancouver with its glassy city center and relaxed yet upbeat rhythm. I am well impressed by how clean and pretty things are kept. There are these comical awkward looking birds with very long curved black beaks all over the place. They are the size of chickens so they are pretty hard to miss!

Although it is not quite summer yet, the air is warm and the trees are lively. I really like it here and did as soon as I stepped off the plane which is quite special. I get a very comfortable feeling as I walk through the streets and talk to the people. I am so delighted to be here. It`s the perfect place to me to center and regain strength.

I walked around downtown Sydney with Stefan from Switzerland. We got lost looking for internet which we never did find. (Ok, I just found it today and am so glad I did because it`s a “wicked cool” setup -I watched Mr. Deeds on the plane over- with great food to boot!) We walked through Hyde Park which has a dazzling fountain shooting water like peacock feathers. A young lady gave us free bee bags containing boxes of Ritz crackers and magazines. Cool promo!

Next, we walked down Pitt Street which was very glam and happening. There was an exercise demo going on where they were encouraging random passersby to run on treadmills, ride bikes, and use stretching balls. We ate some fast food and I finally got to try chicken salt, a flavored salt condiment. After hearing about it for so long, I now understand how people go through withdrawal from the stuff after they leave Oz.

I purchased my next travel journal. After searching high and low with no avail, I stumbled upon the perfect choice. Europe was pink with a big blue star on the front. Now Oz is green with a big purple Little Miss Naughty dancing on the cover. Inside on every page, there are different characters from the Little Miss series (Mr. Men genre). I have already finished little Miss Bossy and am on Little Miss Brainy now. Next comes Little Miss Busy. And it even came with a little stuffed Little Miss Naughty. I have to say that this was the perfect pick for me. I think Oz is going to be lots of fun! (she says with a mischievous grin)

We made our way towards the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. On the way, a gym gave us a free workout and water bottle. Lots of promos going on which is cool. Who doesn`t like free stuff!?! The bridge is bigger than I thought it would be and the Opera House is smaller than depicted in all of the pictures I have seen.

I parted ways with Stefan and went to write in Hyde Park. I was doing some stretching when I met Aussie Theo who came by with his metal detector. He and his wife have been travelling around the world for 2.5 years using found change for diesel. He had the whole set up with head gear and all.

The food here is very expensive. It`s no wonder Aussies are so lean what with all the exercising and cost of food. I went out with a large group from another hostel down the road after playing cards for a few hours. I was walking back to my hostel by myself at 3am when I decided to sit down and think. I know it was probably not the smartest move but I had been drinking and had gotten myself into a bit of a funk. I am usually a happy drunk but today I was worrying about the state of the world, feeling a little helpless and hopeless.

Suddenly, a really nice old man who was out for a stroll (at 3am?) worried about me enough to help me along. He reassured me that the world would “be ok” but if I sat here much longer in one of the worst places in Sydney, I might not. He insisted that he should walk me all the way back to my hostel door. Thanks Man!

Inside, I wasn`t tired yet so I visited with some more new friends and we had deep convos about travel and racism. This morning, I was awoken by one of my drunk bunk mates falling all over the place. He took over my bed as he couldn`t seem to make it up the ladder to his own bed. I decided it was time for breakfast anyway.

Today, I have been doing some planning about where I am heading next. I am about to go book everything. Loving travelling but have been called on for IT support twice already in the past hour. Plus, at breakfast a fellow traveller wanted a lesson on Project Management. I enjoy helping so its not really like work and I am glad to have the skills. Anyway, off to do a bit of my own project planning. I also need to stop using Italian. People are getting confused when I speak to them and try to kiss them on the cheeks all the time.

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