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Free stuff in Sydney – Sydney, Australia

I have made it to OZ. At the moment I am standing in the Sydney airport and am glancing out the huge glass airport windows at the bright sun. I am looking very forward to not seeing another airport for a long while. I haven`t slept in 60 hours. I think my head may fall off soon but my excitement about being here is turning my stomach into a butterfly farm.

I will find accommodation then take in some sun. There are big walls of backpacker accommodation adverts and free phones that will call read more

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Opps! False stop – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am in the KL airport again but this time I am on my way out. I am postponing Asia until later. Now I am unexpectedly off to Australia! I can`t tell you exactly why but it is just one of those overwhelming feelings that I must honor. I will be arriving in Sydney and then who knows. The plan gets crazier by the minute. It seems even I don`t know `whereshegoes`!

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