Wrapping up Europe – Rome, Italy

I am sitting on a plane which is about to take off from Rome. Europe is getting cold as it should be in November. Time is just such a strange concept to me right now. It`s almost as if all of these months have been a dream….but I know I have grown quite a bit.

My last few days turned out to be much fun with great people. I learn that the less you plan and the less you expect, the more precious and special the surprise. Liz is truly a gift. She did all sorts of errands with me in my last few days and even hung out with me at the laundry. Club 18 was a blast and Circle of Death was especially entertaining with Busta Rhyme. We could create our own album, I`m sure. Dreamer Alex from Peru was cute as a button and I was honored to have her as my roommate. Saleem is so funny and kind – I didn`t think Todd even liked me after proclaiming the “Carmella is the Worst Rule” but next thing I knew he was painting my finger and toe nails! Roman has such a generous heart and Manish can hug you with his words. I just checked through my pictures from that night and found a few of me sleeping. Now who was the sneaky culprit?

I was a little stressed my last few days in Europe but I finally got my package mailed home after searching Rome for a box. Post Italia disappointed again by not having any boxes and no gift shop would help either. Just as I was about to give in to frustration, Liz and I came upon a mountain of boxes in every size about to be thrown into the trash. Thanks! Things always work out don`t they? I wrote my last few words in my Europe Journal and visited the Vatican then the Spanish Steps (AGAIN!) and the Trevi fountain before eating my last pizza and gelati. I am about to leave Rome!

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