The Peace Bracelet – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just a quick note to let you know that I have arrived in Malaysia safe and sound. I am at the moment getting a great neck massage by Kiwi Warren. Beven and Warren were the only Kiwis on board and they randomly ended up sitting beside each other on the plane.

I had an EXCELLENT time on the flight playing with all the seat gadgets, watching movies, playing video games, learning Malay (a program on my tv), writing and listening to great tunes. I almost wished the flight was longer than the 12 hours. I haven`t slept but am not tired.

The day I left Canada my sister tied a Peace wish bracelet around my wrist. First, she wished I would meet peaceful people…second, I would go to peaceful places….and lastly, I would have peaceful experiences. When the the bracelet falls off, all the wishes come true. It was completely intact even after all the rough and tumble of backpacking Europe. I thought to myself `this thing is never coming off`.

Then suddenly a few weeks ago, it was on its` last strings. I have been paying attention to it over the last week because I didn`t want to lose it. I was walking in the airport a few minutes ago and as soon as I sat down to email, I looked down and guess what? It was gone!

I retraced my steps and begged them to let me back on the plane to look for it. The flight attendant said that they had already cleaned and if I found it, it would be my lucky day. I rushed to my seat and low and behold, right in the isle, was the bracelet and all four beads. There was a team of 15 flight attendants waiting outside the plane that cheered and clapped for me when I walked off. The sun is shining and I am about to begin my next adventure. It`s a beautiful day!

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