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Seeing Blind Faith – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was feeling really lost and out of my element as I was walking around the streets of Chinatown in KL. I visited some hostels and just did not get a good feeling. Beven kept saying that things were “Shocking!” I tended to agree but couldn`t stop laughing at his accent and the context and frequency that he would say it in.

I tried to book a ticket to Thailand but I just could not get my head around it. I was feeling very unsettled and it wasn`t getting better. read more

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The Peace Bracelet – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just a quick note to let you know that I have arrived in Malaysia safe and sound. I am at the moment getting a great neck massage by Kiwi Warren. Beven and Warren were the only Kiwis on board and they randomly ended up sitting beside each other on the plane.

I had an EXCELLENT time on the flight playing with all the seat gadgets, watching movies, playing video games, learning Malay (a program on my tv), writing and listening to great tunes. I almost wished the flight was longer than the 12 read more

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Wrapping up Europe – Rome, Italy

I am sitting on a plane which is about to take off from Rome. Europe is getting cold as it should be in November. Time is just such a strange concept to me right now. It`s almost as if all of these months have been a dream….but I know I have grown quite a bit.

My last few days turned out to be much fun with great people. I learn that the less you plan and the less you expect, the more precious and special the surprise. Liz is truly a gift. She did all sorts of errands with me in my last read more

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