Summary – Europe!, Italy

Where she went…

I will remember Switzerland for the lovely landscapes and the mouthwatering chocolate. Such a cute little country with a quirky charm not to be found anywhere else.

Greece had delicious food and I loved the blue/white architecture.

I will remember being touched to tears watching the Sound of Music on a rainy day in Austria. The nature here was wonderfully rugged and unspoiled.

Czech Republic was a reminder of how tough and enduring people can be when they have to be. Remember the calm before the storm. I learned how crisis can forge quick strong bonds between complete strangers.

Germany was a history lesson that I will never forget. An exciting country determined to rebuild and shed images of the past.

Netherlands were all about acceptance and freedom. Coffee Shops and museums are foremost in my mind. It was here that I began to think about my contribution to this world.

England was proper! I will remember London nightlife and a progressive energy that filled the air. The sunny days and flower gardens throughout England brought me many smiles.

Wales will be remembered for its magnificent castles and long tailed sheep grazing on wild purple heather.

Ireland holds a special place in my heart. Warm locals and cold Guinness’s which I must admit, was `magically delicious`. And where else can you see three rainbows at once?

From the enthralling history to the Faeries to the majestic highlands, Scotland had me mesmerized. Felt just like home here.

Flamboyant France was grande! The art and wine are both well worth the visit…just remember to MIND THE GAP!

The people in romantic Spain really know how to enjoy themselves. Amazing football and Spanish parks filled with harmonious music will be sure to draw me back one day.

Italy is filled with intricate and awe inspiring eye candy. The pizza and gelati are deliciously different here than anywhere I have seem so far.

I have soaked up as much of Europe as I can at this time and I feel saturated with culture, history, beauty, spirituality, nature and love. Perhaps the thing that has changed me the most are the people I have met along my journey. I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams (and we know how crazy my dreams can be) that I would be so in love with humanity.

I have met angels from all over Earth and am privileged to be a citizen of this world. I must thank each and every one of you for the encouragement and your undying faith in the person I am and the one I am becoming. A wise person once told me: The meaning of life is to experience. Because it is your experiences that give your life meaning. Goodbye Europe! HELLO ASIA!

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