The Roma Gang – Roma, Italy

I changed hostels for the last time in Europe and have really come upon a winner. It`s called Fawlty Towers and it`s pretty popular so make sure to book ahead. I love everything about it from the colorful paintings on the wall to the cheerful staff. The almost too comfy couch to the jungle-like terrace is a great place to watch the cats basking on the roof across the street.

Most of all tho, I have met some very special people who have made my last few days in Europe quite memorable. Beautiful Kerry who has such a generous heart, wise Pete with a gentle kindness about him, patient Dave who is so giving of his time, playful Colin’s eyes sparkle when he smiles which is often, Jo who reminds me so much of myself 10 years ago except that she is much smarter and Andy her father who has such a big heart. I only got to speak to his Aunt for a few minutes but hearing them fight for talking time made me giggle.

Spiritual Liz who I clicked with in about oh, 4 seconds, hilarious Bob who played us some great music on his tiny backpacker guitar. Roman`s (now this was one name that I wouldn’t have to ask twice) quirks are a constant source of amusement and wins a prize for being the ONLY person I have ever met who even washes his bananas before peeling and eating them. I guess you can never be too safe. Bubbly Karen who has no problem making friends, she introduced me to Laura and Martha who both have such a graceful aura that you can`t help but want to be near them.

Last night, we all went out to an Irish bar and listened to a great jazz band while playing (or shall I say TRYING) pool. Susie was our token Kiwi who I has such a beautiful smile. I met lovely Laura and brilliant Pepe who reinforce my belief that some people just belong together. We met up with lots of Italians who tried very hard to kiss all the girls. They were stealing kisses left, right and center! Then we went with the jazz band that was playing to an afterhours bar. We had to get a special membership and everything. We sat around with our new friends pondering the meaning of life and how one moment can change the world.

It was a great night that was quite unexpected. I wasn`t even sure I wanted to go out but after doing some stretching and balancing I thought I would go for just a little while. All of a sudden it was 4am! I was trying to explain to Pete this morning how my perception of time is a little skewed. I live by moments not minutes. Time is a funny thing when you travel. You will meet amazing people wherever you go and share some intensely meaningful experiences only to realize as you hug them goodbye, that you don’t even know their name.

I am still waiting for a package to arrive at the post office but my faith in the Italian post is dwindling. I will try again today. I don`t have much time left as I have finally booked my ticket out of Rome. This time next week, I will be in Malaysia or Thailand! I am not sure of much as I don`t even have a guidebook yet. I suppose I will pick one up when I get there. I have had many lovely people drawing me maps and listing off places that they enjoyed.

I find it very interesting that just when you realize you are lacking in some way, someone or something will come in and fill the gap. It seems that I will draw towards me experiences that will fulfil my being at that moment. There is a fine balance and rhythm to life that I am getting glimpses of more and more. I can`t tell you how reassuring it is to know that I am on the right path….finally.

With every step I take, I experience myself in a new world of feelings and thoughts. I see things now that jolt me into a completely different state of mind. I am loving the space around me and am taking the time to listen to the silence. There is much to learn in the whispers of life.

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