Walking tour of Roman Architecture – Rome, Italy

Today I met Lauren and Kate then went to the fruit market for breakfast. We walked to the Colosseum, yet again. The first thing I noticed, aside from the hoards of people, were the many relaxed cats and kittens lazing around everywhere. Ohhh Carmella Paradise! They get to live here because there is actually a law here that says cats should be able to live where they are born. There are even people who feed and take care of them.

We got to the queue to buy tickets and realized that this was going to be a long wait. We decided that it was important enough to us to go in so we made the trek to the back of the mile long line. Almost as soon as we got there, a girl approached us and offered us a tour that would let us skip the line completely. Woohoo! It was a small price to pay for the immediate admission. As well, the tour turned out to be very helpful and informative.

The guy who was giving the tour was named Max but wanted us to call him Maximus from the movie Gladiator. I couldn`t stop thinking about how small it seemed. I guess I picture things so much bigger in my head when it seems like such an important or famous place. I tried to imagine it complete in all its marble grandeur.

I wonder if the Colosseum in Edmonton is much bigger…it sure seems like it. Ah memories of great Stanley Cup victories won by the then invincible Edmonton Oilers hockey team. I imagine the roar of the crowd at one of those playoff games would be similar to what the Romans would have experienced during a tournament.

Then we went for my favorite gelati and pizza stops. Mmmm….never disappoints. We walked on to the Forum which was much larger than I had expected. Maybe because I had never thought much about it. How on earth did the Romans accomplish so much? I wish I could know what it would have looked like complete in all its splendor. Oh to have just one day in history.

We walked on and found the Pantheon which was buzzing with tourists. Inside, it is quite spectacular and in my opinion, one of the best preserved buildings in Roman history (that I have seen anyway). Not much of a solemn feeling here but it was spectacular just the same.

Walking some more back to the hostel. When in Rome…you walk so much but around every corner there is something to see be it a fountain or monument or ruin. You would be cheating yourself greatly by opting for the metro. I said a heartfelt goodbye to my two cheerful laid back Aussie friends as they headed to Bologna to sample the great food culture.

Back at the haunted house, Liz Jane and I shared boy stories over a few drinks before heading to Campo del Fiori. This is a square of bars and restaurants, most with patio seating spilling out far into the center. We sat at one bar for more than 45 mins without even the slightest hope of being served before heading over to a backpacker pub around the corner.

Met some great people including sweet Sandra from Germany who had me captivated by her charming and kind nature. Met quite a few Englishmen and Americans before catching my first Roma bus experience. Met a French Canadian who had us entranced with tales of her experiences in the southern Italy earthquakes a few days prior. All in all a very nice relaxing day full of smiles and laughter. I would be oh so grateful for a foot massage sometime soon. Perhaps next week when I get to Asia!

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