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Silence in the Sistine…SILENCE!! – Rome, Italy

Did you know that the Vatican City is a completely independent state within the Italian Republic? They have their own stamps and currency as well as a radio station and newspaper. We tried to take a picture of the Swiss Guards (the Papal Guards) in their cute little blue uniforms but they said we had to take it from behind the gates. At least we got a picture. Not like Monaco where they bolted when I pulled out the camera.

That reminds me: I was trying to get a picture of the train conduc read more

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Big Business – Vatican City, Italy

I woke up on Halloween morning and took a grumpy Calen for breakfast. We drank coffee and ate croissants. Then I went to a fruit and vegetable market to buy persimmons and a banana. I couldn`t believe how cheap it was! And it was tasty too.

We all made our way to the Vatican City where everyone except for Lauren Kate and I went on a tour. The three of us decided to go at it ourselves saving the 30 Euro. So we were standing around trying to get our bearings when a girl came up to us and a read more

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