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Surprise Invitation – Rockhampton, Australia

I woke and ate a yum breakfast with Nadine where I met Christine from Norway, the first Norwegian I`ve met. Christines` gentle eyes and soft smile led me to trust her enough to follow her when she invited me on an adventure. She had met 6 Swedes in Byron Bay who were going to charter a boat and sail up the coast for a week. Well, why not?

I had been trying to plan my Whitsundays sailing trip for a week and just could not decide upon a boat. It was starting really bother me that I couldn`t read more

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Nature Walk to Surfy Beach – Noosa, Australia

There were three bands playing at the hostel bar the night I arrived. It was great fun and I met tons of people including some really nice locals who tried to learn some Poi. Nadine from Germany and I decided to go to Noosa National Park the next day then to the beach. We met up with Daniel (a Roman through and through), Liron and Nir from Israel before walking to the park as the day heated up.

There were strange trees with long tube looking branches sprouting out all over. I happened to read more

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Shoe Sensitivity and Banana Flambe – Brisbane, Australia

I really didn`t explore too much of Brisbane as I know I will be heading back there. I spent most of my time chilling out with the new fam. Christie, Hil and I went to watch the sunset until the wind kicked up.

Next, we headed off to the supermarket to pick up some stuff for supper. We spent way too long there (my fault) because I got lost in all the cool types of foods that were avail to me. I can`t get over all the new choices. They were finally able to tear me away and we zoomed home.< read more

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Coasting Up – Burleigh Heads, Australia

Last night in Bryon Bay, we went out to a club and danced all night until we collapsed into bed for a 3 hour sleep. Dave, Matt, and Hilary invited me up to Burleigh Heads so we hopped in the car and were off. As I go further up the coast, it gets warmer and warmer. The flowers are more lush and the sun just a little brighter.

Burleigh Heads was a nice stop in a cute little surfer town. Took me a while to figure out the bus stops though. I know I didn`t plan on it but now I am in Brisbane read more

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Magic Happens – Byron Bay, Australia

Left Byron Bay finally. I can`t believe I was stuck there for 10 days! I had an absolutely amazing time and will love to go back. I met some very special people who really touched my heart. Sue and Steve are so sweet and showed me how to live the laid back life. Simon and Hannah really know how to party it up to have a good time. At one point there there was a whole table of people wearing beer boxes constructed into hats! Manue whose bubbly innocence is healing to anyone around. Ana who always read more

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Sun Set Moon Rise Sweet Heart – Byron Bay, Australia

Wade and I spent the day (and many) together exploring all the wonders of Byron Bay. We strolled down the beach making funny tracks in the sand. We sat in the shade at a picnic table when all of a sudden we were surrounded by wildlife. A water dragon and 5 birds came to hangout were acting like our pets or something. We watched the surfers tame the waves which was a really mesmerizing spectacle.

Next, we hiked up to the most easterly point in Oz and up to the lighthouse. We sat together o read more

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Rain Dance Fire Show – Byron Bay, Australia

Back at the hostel, it began to rain. People took off their shoes and danced to the music all the while bathing in the warm shower. People play the didgeridoo and drums vibrating beats along my brain waves. I watched the fire show which made me feel like I was with fairies dancing around in the dark night sky. This was the first fire show for weeks because of the fire ban. The music alone would have been enough to draw even the laziest hammock goer.

Next day was very cruisey with Wendy, Beng read more

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Gardens of Eden – Nimbin, Australia

I decided to take “Jim’s tour” and went to Nimbin today. It was quite different but in a good way. The museum was something else. I think it would take a long time to really go through the whole thing terrifyingly dazzling. The gorgeous scenery racing past as the fun bus seemingly flies through the air. Next, we stopped by a tropical rainforest/orchard owned and run by a little red-haired hippy called Paul.

Here there were flowers of sorts that I have never seen before. Bluebells that look read more

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Artsy Fartsy Funtime Hostel – Byron Bay, Australia

I have been in Byron Bay for a few days now. The first night was good but I took it easy knowing the weekend was coming. I had taken the night bus where trust me, you do not sleep, I don’t care what they tell you. I went to the supermarket as soon as I stepped off the bus and bought tons of food. I had to carry for what seemed like a million blocks back to the Arts Factory hostel. Opps. I guess I miscalculated the distance. That was my workout anyway. Never shop when your hungry. That was my lesso read more

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Slowing down with the Nature – Byron Bay, Australia

I arrived safely in this quaint little seaside town. And so far, I have been to Nimbin twice and the beach, well I just got there today. Fantastic. I am losing complete sense of time which is alright. I am seeing tropical forests and Gardens of Eden, fire dancing, lots of sun and rain dances oh, and the music! Well, let`s just say there are some special talents here. I have met some of the most precious people! And the kids here are absolutely beautiful. The older people are curiously youthful an read more

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