Gelati and Touristy Things – Rome, Italy

So I arrived in Rome. The train station, Roma Termini, is so huge its like a mall! Wait, it is a mall. There is tons of shopping, kiosk vendors and even a supermarket. The hostel, Freedom Traveller, was kinda dodgy. I found the staff a little cold and I was not too excited about the set up. Jane got locked in the bathroom for what seemed like forever but we rescued her when she threw the key over the top where it literally bounced into my hand.

We picked up two Aussie girls Lauren and Kate then went out for dinner at this great pasta/pizza place. There are so many options so we chose 5 different kinds of pasta with 5 different sauces…it was delicious! We walked by a church and when we went in, we found a Gregorian men’s choir singing. It was so peaceful and I don’t think I have ever heard anything quite like it.

We walked down the Spanish Steps and I wondered why they were so special. I mean, apart from being a hangout/meeting spot I am not sure why they are so famous. Then we went over to the Trevi Fountain where I thought, Ah ha! Here’s where all the tourists are! It was crazy busy but we grabbed some gelati which believe me, there is no shortage of here in Roma. I had pistachio and creme caramel (how could I not?). There were actually bits of custard in it and it made my tummy very happy.

We took our gelati back to the beautifully lit up fountain and people watched for a while. There were so many rose sellers everywhere but we all agreed that the romance of the place was a bit lost in the hoards of tourists.

The saying is: If you throw in one coin, you will return to Roma. If you throw two, you will get kissed in Roma. If you throw three, you will fall in love. I threw my coins…how many? That’s between me and the fountain.

Next, we walked down to the Colosseum which looked spectacular by night. We noticed that a movie was being filmed so we watched for a while. There was a red carpet and the crowd was directed to scream, cheer, take pictures and generally go nuts but the funny thing is there was no one there…no famous person….nothing. It was quite comical.

We made it back to the hostel and went for a walk in the surrounding neighbourhood when alas, more singing. Calen and I stopped to listen for a while. They were just a group of people in a restaurant patio all singing in harmony. I have noticed over the last few weeks I have been singing more and more. I think people sing when they are happy. People in Roma must be quite happy. Well, who wouldn’t be with all this great history, pizza and gelati?

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