Passing through Pisa – Pisa, Italy

I have just thrown out the last parts of my Lonely Planet Europe. All that is left is Italy, which is not to thick. What a feeling to get to this reflection stage. What exquisite memories and people have taken up residence in my heart. I feel it is growing exponentially everyday with each new experience and sometimes I wonder if it will burst! Just when I thought I was at capacity, another days smiles stretch it to new levels.

I am so happy to have met Anne who has just done a complete 180 and taken a new lease on life. I seldom see her without a grin on her face, even when sleeping on the train. Corrine shared with me sentiments of how life has a way of growing you in just the right ways, right when your ready. Last night, we had cooking 101 for the Asian girls who weren`t sure of their culinary talents. The four of us cooked up a storm then we relaxed. It was a nice quiet night.

I love sleeping in a real bed! My bedroom is actually huge with beautiful antique furniture. The king size bed is so soft and comfy that it is hard to leave it in the morning. I spent the day lounging around, eating and reading. I was on the internet and who walks up? My good friend Calen from Amsterdam! Yay! We (Anne, Liz, Jane, Ernie, Calen, Sean) had a wonderful night full of laughs.

Calen is really quite the chef and knows all the right people in this little town. We shopped around for rich and tasty authentic ingredients for his special pasta and even found huge 5 gallon jugs of red wine! Everyone was all smiles…except for Liz who by the end of the night was, um, repainting the bathroom a lovely bright shade of red. It was so good to catch up with old friends.

The next morning it was off to Roma. After a short stop in Pisa where I saw the tower. Yah, its still leaning but otherwise this place is pretty boring and definitely does not warrant an overnight stay. After some so-so gelati we made our way to the train station again where thanks to Calens quick thinking, we made a detour to get into Rome earlier. Train delays seem to be the norm in Italy. Finally, after all of Europe, I am now in Roma….my last stop.

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