Money-Co – Monaco, Monaco

We checked in then made our way back to the train station where we took a 20 minute ride to Monaco. The palace in comparison to many of the castles and palaces I have seen over the last few months, seemed quite small and more like a government house than anything else. It did have guards but they wouldn`t let me take a picture of them practically running away at the mere mention of a camera.

The Grimaldi family monarchy is still in place here. It seems there is no lower or middle class. Monaco = Money. People who live here do not have to pay taxes and they are completely supported by tourism and proceeds from the casino. We walked through the streets glancing into the elaborately set up storefronts.

There were small groups of costumed children running in and out of stores collecting candy. I guess Halloween is a week long event here. There was a carnival with rides, games and sugar in every form. We walked through the tunnel and saw the Formula 1 Grande Prix trax then made our way up to the Monte Carlo Casino which was lined with gleaming BMWs, Mercedes and Porches.

To get in or out of Monaco you must take a tunnel through the mountain or take a helicopter if you have the money, which if you live here, you do. The one word that comes to mind when I think of Monaco is extravagance. We walked through the Italian Marble train station and hopped back onto the a train back to normal Nice.

Corrine, Anne, Snoopy and I went to the grocery then out for Chinese food. I put some pics up on the site then visited with my new friends. I am missing my earplugs. I lost 4 pairs in Barcelona when the cleaners kept changing my sheets. They denied any knowledge of the said items. Ug. So needless to say, I have been remembering many dreams as the chorus of snoring permeates my sleep.

Nice was nice but now its off to Italy’s Cinque Terre which I have been excited about for 3 months! Ever since I arrived in Switzerland I have been hearing about this place. I will to spend some down time there relaxing, recouping and planning the next part of my adventure.

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