Nice is Nice – Nice, France

Woke up and got on the train to Marseilles where we changed to a TGV train to Nice. The train was fast and smooth which was completely the opposite of the train I was on yesterday. That horrible ride made me sure we were going to go right off the tracks! It was a much more restful ride today in comparison.

I looked out the window and saw sailboats gliding through the crystal turquoise water. The houses are beautifully constructed cement villas with terracotta tile type roofs. The trees and grass are healthy and lush. There are some bushes that have what look like large white feather dusters shooting out the top. The shining bright sun is alone in the endless baby blue sky. There are mountain rock clusters right in the middle of the waters not too far from the surf pounding the jagged grey rocks on the shore. This is the French Riviera.

We arrive into Nice and walk through the streets which have an abundance of Chinese food stores and restaurants. We checked into our hotel which I must say I didn`t love. My decision not to stay extra time in Nice was decided after I had been there for only an hour. The lifts in France are so small and dodgy that I find myself saying a little prayer each time I step into one.

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