Fine French Food – Nimes, France

This morning Liz Paul and Bill sent me off. At breakfast, Paul was telling his comical story of running from the cops the night before, as drunk Irish men do. After big hugs, I was on a train to Nimes. Nevin is our guide and we are 7.

I really need to take care for the next few days as my feet are battered and my head is stuffy. My bruise from the France metro is not healing very quickly which is a sign for me to slow down. I am going to try and do some yoga and meditation to clear my head up a bit. Too many thoughts and feelings bouncing around in no particular pattern. I guess that’s what Barcelona does to you.

We stopped for a train change and had a restful few hours on a rock beach where I collected some smooth brilliantly colored pebbles to send back to my nephews. One day they must return the pebbles back to the beach for me. Tres relaxing as I basked in the sun and listened to the waves lap at the shore. I walked into the cool clear water with my bare feet and it was like getting a foot massage which I need so badly. I don`t like rock beaches over sand beaches but for this purpose it was ok.

We arrived into Nimes and went for dinner at this charming little French restaurant. The owner was more than accommodating and served us some delectable french food. We started with salad then he brought us a hot rock and raw meat. It was a good time cooking our own morsels bite by bite. Snoopy (Brooke from Taiwan who I have nicknamed Snoopy because her metallic over sized suitcase which is almost as big as she is has a big picture of Snoopy on the side) and I shared salmon and cod which sizzled as it hit the salted rock. The others had turkey and beef which smelled quite good as well.

There were several sauces you could choose from to dip in but honestly (can you believe it, coming from Saucegirl?) they did not need a drop of anything. They just melted in my mouth and the flavor was divine. To finish it off we had an apple flan with a creamy custard sauce.

We then went on a walking tour of the tiny town which boasts some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world. It`s hard to believe they still use this Colosseum as an amphitheatre for concerts and bullfights. Back at the hotel I had a deep bath (how I miss regular baths!) and then a broken sleep. Tomorrow off to Nice!

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