Suprise visits from old friends – Nimes, France

My last day in Barcelona was a good one not unlike most of the other days I spent there. I drank sangria at a bar called Karma the night before and had a nice early night. When I woke up, I spent the morning looking in shops at the wondrous trinkets you could buy. I didn`t buy them tho as there just isn`t room when you are backpacking.

I sat in the square by the fountain listening to my Utopia CD feeling the droplets of water on my back. I passed by a church and went in for a wander. It seems that churches in Europe have a certain scent to them. The tranquil silence is like a warm wave washing over your soul. You can`t help but breathe more deeply as you look up and wonder just how high the ceilings go. As the candles flicker, I think of all the prayers that have been created and how much faith has been burned into the air.

I ended up sketching a bit on some steps when Liz came up and told me about a Moby concert. We went for my LAST falafel in Barcelona then off to explore our options for the concert. I said goodbye to Efrat as I put her in a cab then gathered up Bill Greg and Dave then tried to go to Moby. It didn`t work out but when I got back to the hostel I ran into Fernanda again who was supposed to have left Barcelona. It was a nice surprise so we chatted a bit then a few of us caught up with the pubcrawl. I met up with Amy (from Switzerland and Holland) again and the rest of the night was history. We danced and danced then back at home ate some vegetables and yogurt. Funny the drunken midnight snacks that people conjure when they are on the road.

Now it was around 430am and I found some more people to go to the internet with me. I really like the fact the there is 24 hour cafes (Easy…bright orange so you can`t miss them) for insomniacs like me. I did manage to get a few hours of rest before I woke up to say goodbye to my new Japanese friends, Yuki and Yuko who taught me some Japanese words and phrases. I had great fun in Barcelona and but I know that there is much more of Spain to be explored. I will go back to visit southern and coastal Spain in the future. I want to save this gem of a country for later when I have more time to do it right. But for now, it was back to France.

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