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My First Game – Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

Í am sitting in Camp Nou watching a football game – Barcelona vs Locomotiv. Its half time and the score is still nil. Apparently, this is the biggest stadium in Europe but I wouldn’t know the difference as this is my first game. The riot cops are everywhere because it can get pretty hairy at these games.

Right now, there are a bunch of men walking around stamping down divits. I am sitting with Paul, F, Kerry and Greg. Tonight is very windy and cold but people are drinking beer anyway. Everyone around me is speaking in Spanish so I can barely understand. There is this one lady who must be at least 50, screaming louder than anyone in our entire section, maybe even the whole stadium. What a set of lungs!

The flashbulbs are going off like popcorn everytime Barcelona gets close to a goal. It looks like strobelights on one of those crazy club nights. I can’t believe how fast these guys can run through this monsterous field. They dart around like crazy! Every now and then a whole section breaks into some random Spanish cheer song.

The ball flies into the crowd and a little boy holds onto it for one great moment before tossing it back to the field. Now practically – yes – the whole place is singing this Lo Lo La sounding song and clapping and stomping their feet. The energy is electric! I can feel that everyone is getting restless waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. The crowd is yelling so loud it vibrating the very seats we sit upon.

The goalkeeper just made a wicked save jumping right in front of the ball and deflecting it with his entire body. He jumped and curled right up into a tight bun and the ball went flying the opposite direction. What a collision!

This is an old sport here – there are babes to 90 year olds here. Now Barcelona is over near the goal. There is a player named Jules Ceasar playing for Locomotiv. These guys are really good characters really hamming it up for the crowd. Some really good attempts by Barcelona. Someone is playing a big drum….boom.boom.boom.BOOM….the beat marches goes on.

The whole crowd is whistling in encouragement…now they are clapping in unision. SNAP! A GOAL for Barcelona! The flags are waving frantically and the people are going insanely mad. They are hugging and singing! You can’t HELP but join in. The last 5 minutes of the game was a blur. The energy from the crowd combined with the fantastic show put on by the players make the 60 Euros we paid for tickets well well worth it. Well done!

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