Paella and Happy Park – Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

I woke up and ate my free hostel breakfast which consists of a tea and crossiant then I got ready to go out for the day. It was John from Californias 25 birthday and he decided he would like to come along on my trip to Parc Guell. In the hallway, I ran into Paul from Ireland who had been on a bus for 24 hours and couldn`t get his locker open. He was yelling at it in a frustrated exasperated ramble. I told him I could help him and instructed him to give the locker a little tap. Usually that will reset things but as he was extremely tired and stressed, the tap ended up denting the locker! He seemed like he needed a chill out day so I asked him if he would like to come with us and he said ´Why not?´

So off the three of us went to visit what I now dub the Happy Park. The sun was hot and intense but every now and then a cloud comes along bringing with it a strong gust of wind that cools my skin. The birds in this park have such beautiful coloring. There are school groups of children groups of 6 or 7 studying Goudys work. It was so cute to see all these little people with disposable cameras taking pictures of the most curious things.

I am not sure how they get flowers these colors which seem to be borrowed from a Disney movie. I saw a tree that looked like a enormous asparagus and John told us it was a Agave ´Century´ tree. Apparently it only blooms once in a hundred years, then dies. Lots of things at this park really remind me how little we humans are in comparison to the immensity of nature.

We found a structure made completely of rocks with tall archways. We stretched out and shared stories and laughs. A jazz band set up and played some very relaxing but upbeat music while Paul caught a nap and John read his book. The acoustics were great and the atmosphere was mellow yet exciting at the same time.

We walked around some more then walked back to the hostel where I was supposed to go with Efrat to get her hair cut short. I know what a big step this is and walked as fast as my little feet would take me but I missed her by minutes. I was feeling very tired and could barely keep my eyes open as I trudged up the stairs. I laid down for a few minutes until it was time for supper.

Efrat, Micheal, Dave, Paul and I went out for paella with John for his birthday. Paella is a filling spiced rice dish with lots of yummy bits and bobs (meats and seafoods)hanging about. We went back to the hostel and picked up more people then walked down to the beach. We sat around for a while until a strange man came along and wouldn´t leave. At this point a few of us decided to leave and go to the Fairy Bar. It was just closing but we got to walk around a bit when all of a sudden the rest of the group showed up. Next we made our way to an Irish Pub where we met a bunch of Irish locals. Friends from home for Paul! I am just about done in Barcelona and am getting ready to move on. I do understand though, how people can come here a vacation but end up living here for years.

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