Walk through the park – Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

Today I felt a little low so I wandered around by myself a bit, wrote a bit, and ate a falafel. I still didn`t feel quite right so I decided to go have a siesta. I know these days come but they are never as bad as the last one. I seem to recover quite quickly if I just give myself a break.

When I got to the room, Fernanda was resting and sleepily mumbled something about going to the park in half hour. I had a power rest and we were off to Parc de la Ciutadella once again. This time is was open. We sat on the soft green grass and listened to people playing guitar and drums. We walked around the park and came upon a majestic fountain with many geese, ducks and other beautiful birds. There were many parents with their babies experiencing the harmony of nature together.

I just stood under a tree and closed my eyes. I could hear birds singing, squirrels chattering away, the rise and fall of the water in the fountain, and the tranquil whisper of the leaves swaying in the breeze. We ran into people practicing juggling and playing ping pong at tables set up right in the middle of the park. Cool!

That night we went to a Faerie Bar where the trees that are carved into the walls and pillars have faces. There are fountains trickling water and dark stone corners to share secrets in. Fernanda, Efrat and I drank sangria and soaked up the atmosphere. I think I may have finally gotten ´Lo siento´ and ´De Nada´ straightened out. Everyone got a big chuckle when I bumped Lory in the head with my locker door and I kept saying De Nada! De Nada!

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