Parc del Carmel – Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

Today, I went to find a place called Parc del Carmel. I mean, how could I not? So after meeting up with Efrat and Wendy we made our way there. It`s supposed to be right next to Goudys famous Parc Guell. Efrat and I parted ways with Wendy at the Goudys park, in search of Parc del Carmel. We hiked up down and all around this place looking everywhere. It was just a lot of wildflowers and natural terrain, barely even any paths. There was nothing really special about it…just pure untouched nature. Where was the park?

Finally, frustrated, we stopped to rest. I decided to take F´s advice and ask someone for directions. Guess what? We were in the park the whole time! We met lots of Spanish locals who were so eager to talk to us. I met adorable Franco who could not have been more than 4 years old. I was taking a picture of his family and I counted out…Un, Dos, and all of a sudden a very loud and exhuberant ´Tres!´ from our sweet little Franco. It was one of those expected precious moments that only children can produce.

The view of Barcelona was magnificent from the top of the hill in “my” unassuming park. I had no idea this place was so immense! Mountains, sea and splendid architecture to boot. We hiked down the hill and walked quicky through Parc Guell where I decided I should defintely go back and spend a day. It’s a very happy place full of a kind of silly playful atmosphere.

We made our way back to to hostel and F taught me some Hebrew. I think it is facinating that in Hebrew the word “Shalom” means both Hello and Peace. I like that. When we got back it was Falafel time once again. Francesca, Micheal, Efrat and I made our way to our new favorite haunt. We sat by the fountain to enjoy our snack when an old friend of Fernandas came by with a guitar. We asked him if he would play for us and he happily obliged.

The square was becoming night as all the people were queuing up for the restraunts as seems to be the custom here. The air was warm and the atmosphere was relaxed as children played hide and seek behind the tall iron lamp posts. Our new friend played and sang some Spanish songs as well as some popular english songs so we could all sing along.

I tried to learn a bit more Spanish talking to Swiss Micheal. He is trying to decide what to take in university. He told me that he was thinking about International Relations. I think that we need to have as many peaceful minded people going into that as we can.

We then decided to go out in search of a festival that we had heard about earlier in the day. We made our way to Parc de la Ciutadella but found that we arrived too late. It was already over but we took a fun picture in front of the closed gates anyway. We went back to the hostel and made a party in our room instead. I had a nice visit with Anna from France as she was leaving the next morning. The party migrated to the girls bathroom as a wounded Canadian walked in needing help from the local “nurse”. Beware if you are going to wear hospital scrubs, people will assume you can help them. Comfort and convience of attire does have a price but I like to help so it’s ok. It seems like people get hurt in Barcelona alot tho.

I have been running into old friends quite a bit here. Seems like a good place to meet up with people. I heard that its snowing back home in Canada. I love to talk to people who have never seen snow before. I asked one guy what he would do if he was suddenly knee deep in a huge field of the fine white powder. His eyes lit up and with huge grin, he bubbled ‘I would make the biggest snowman ever!!’ Well, no snowmen to report in Spain at the moment. Just warm weather and warm people with big smiles.

City view from Parc del Carmel

Little Franco – Tres!

Monastery far far in distance

Overlooking the city

Park Del Carmel? Your in it!

Parks in Barcelona are beautiful

Stones with lost language

What could it say?

Where’s the party?
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