Nitetime Nurse and Language Lessons – Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

Well. All I can say is that Barcelona DEFINTELY was NOT the exception to the rule. Day three was absolutely amazing! They have these incredible markets that are so visually stunning that you could walk around for hours and not see everything. On La Rambla, I heard bagpipes and we found a South Korean guy playing flawlessly. Trina, another place you can dance! I feel when you love people that everywhere you go, you keep them in your heart with you. I am constantly being reminded of my family when I see something they would like.

The Goudy apts were like walking into a Dr. Suess book. And how lucky am I to have gotten a hot sunny day for it! It was really easy to take photos and the shadows created some really cool shots of the sculptures. Then it was falafel time again which are quickly becoming famous. I cant tell you how many times I have given directions to it.

That night, a huge group of us went to the bar which was empty when we came in and so full after 15 minutes I dropped my drink. I became the dancing fairy and I made sure everyone had a good time. In the middle of the night, I came back to the hostel and ended up played nurse. There was a very sick girl in the bathroom which was a good reminder about moderation. Yes mom…I am taking it easy.

My next impatient patient was Jason who had split his chin wide open and drunkenly stubborn REFUSED to go for stitches. I remembered when I was little the same thing happened to my knee and someone just mended it up with a butterfly band-aid. So I found my moleskin and cut it trying to mimic the same procedure. Seemed to work ok because in a matter of seconds, he felt good as new and was off again. Where to at four in the morning I don’t know. But there is no shortage of nightlife here. If you want to have fun there is plenty to go around.

The beach is just a great place to relax and there are even people walking around selling goodies. Always fun to bargain with the locals for chips, beer or whatever else you may have forgotten for your day at the beach. Everywhere I go I keep seeing Carm, Carme, Carmel. Its really cool to be in a place that likes your name so much.

I went to Olympic gardens and watched butterflies dancing high up in the sky and then resting on the beds of luscious flowers. To my delight, there were so many kitties everywhere just hanging out lazing in the sun. I swear Bug is sending telepathic messages to all the cats in the world to keep me company. Thanks Bug!

Wendy and I came upon the Olympic pool which has the most striking view. I can`t even tell you how cool it would be jumping off that diving board, about to make the dive of your life and look out to see all of Barcelona watching you. Inspiring. After a yummy picnic lunch of yummies we picked up at the market that morning, we went to investigate some curious noises. We heard some African bongo drumming and crawled through some trees to find a Spanish boy who spoke only poquito English. We managed to communicate what we needed to and made a new friend. He taught us how to play and the music was so sweet!

We found a guy swimming laps in the pool and we just couldn’t stop watching him. He was so graceful gliding through the water. We visited Estadi Olimpic and I thought “Man, these Spanish just don’t know how to do anything small!” I noticed the perfectly manicured green grass and I could almost hear the cheering from the crowds. The decibel level must reach record levels. We sat on the steps of the Picasso museum and I watched this little cat sprawled out relaxing in the middle of the hot sidewalk, completely oblivious to the clatter of feet passing by. Now that’s one chilled out cool cat.

We went to the nearby fountains and watched a FANTASTIC water show, accompanied by uplifting music. The lights changed the mist into clouds in heaven which got us a little moist but it was the best seat in the house! A sweet couple asked me to take a picture for them and I thought about how romantic a first date would be here.

We met up with F from Israel (her name is Efrat but despite her patient attempts to teach people how to say it properly, she answers to F and claims she fine with that) and went to the grocery store. Ah, the grocery store. I love to see grocery stores in every country. I even finally figured out the label machine for the fruit. Seems I am becoming more environmentally conscious as I travel. I really worry that we don`t take care of out planet properly. I shudder when I think about how careless I have been. Time to change that so I try to think of ways to improvise. Today, I stuck the label right on the fruit so that I wouldn`t waste a bag. Every little bit counts, right?

I hung out with some of my new bunk mates who were so easy to be around. I learned more Spanish from the Argentinian girls, Fernanda (who is forever reminding me where I have put things), Ana (it`s always bright around her because she is most always smiling), and even some Italian from Francesca. Lory is just learning English but can`t seem to lose at cards. I think she learns things very quickly! I was trying to explain Crazy Eights but apparently they don’t have “Loco Ocho” in Argentina. We all got quite the chuckle at my translation tho.

It`s amazing how happy people are when they are traveling. There is so much to do in this city that I am finding it really hard to leave. Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland in the middle of the Mad Tea Party. Every now and then it hits me, that I am meeting the world! How GOOD is life?

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