Here come the Weirdos and Wackos – Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

I went on a walking tour of Barcelona today. I saw so many beautiful churches, parks and markets. We saw Roman ruins and walked through all these amazingly narrow walkways listening to Glen telling us about Spanish history. Ok, I confess I was busy taking pictures of the sun again and petting little kittens but I did get the general jist of it.

Then it was falafel time again. Serena Micheal Glen and I ate our lunch sitting on a fountain when this strange man came up to me. He was chattering on about something or other. I had no idea but he scared me a bit near the end when he started chasing after the pigeons frantically. The man beside me spoke Spanish and translated that the man was telling me to give him my falafel! Normally I would have deduced that in this type of situation but he was wearing nice clothes and listening to a discman. We were worried he was going to eat a pigeon the way he was chasing after them! If I see him again I will try to trade him my falafel for his discman. Lots of strange people in Spain.

I was sitting at the internet cafe and I noticed this man had his webcam aimed at me! I was alarmed and immediately told him to stop explaining how rude that was. Then he came over and started looking at my screen. I was not impressed and I told him so as politely as I could. Just yesterday one of my fellow travellers got punched by a storekeeper who was offended that he didn`t buy a souvenir.

A few minutes later Skye came up to me almost in tears saying that she just had her wallet stolen sitting a few rows away. Luckily, she caught them and they gave it back, laughing at her giving her a thumbs up. I was told to be very careful in Spain and now I understand why. It seems to be a game to try and rip people off here. That`s not cool.

That night, a large group of us went for dinner at this place that had a queue for almost a block! We were right near the front so we didn`t have to wait long. Unfortunately, it was not the best dining experience as two of the group waited almost two hours for their food. We were all done and they were just starting. The food was alright but it certainly didn´t make up for the service.

I was in such a bad mood by the end of the day that I found myself stomping my feet as I walked and talking through gritted teeth. Obviously, I was a little put off by all of these negative experiences but I remembered my two day rule. It HAD to get better tomorrow. I have noticed that almost every place I go to, the first two days are spent wondering what on earth I am doing there. But then, if I can stick it out, almost certainly on day three, things change dramatically. I begin to have the best time ever! Would Barcelona be the exception to the rule?

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