Fat Falafels and Midnight Laundry Sessions – Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

Got up quite early and made the short walk to the train station. I jumped on a train then a bus because the tracks were being worked on, then another train. Travelled for 8 hours but got some good rest. Read a bit, wrote a bit and watched France turn into Spain out my window.

It started to get so hot and sticky that I had to open the window for some fresh air. The mountains were enveloped by a haze that only could mean heat. Yay! Everything was so green and the sun was beaming down at me. I couldn´t help but close my eyes and beam right back up at it. It was really cool going from autumn in France to summer in Spain all within hours. The buildings have changed to cement and brick Spanish villa type architecture. And the language on the train transformed from French to Spanish before my very ears.

There are bridges over rivers and streams as well as fields of corn. There was a stretch when the smell became unbearable. I am not sure if it was sewer or what but it went away as quickly as it came. There are freshly plowed fields of dirt and the hills are blanketed with trees.

Last night, I dreamt about my nephews whom I have been missing a bit lately…it was nice to see them again even if only in my dreams. Its really hard missing a whole year of their development but at least I get emails and hear their sweet little voices on the phone now and then.

I got to Barcelona and was warned repeatedly of the pickpocket’s. I heeded their advice securing my bags and made my way down La Rambla. The warm air bathed my skin like a soft velvet blanket. There were many street performers among the crowds as well as tons of flower stands, magazine stands and even stands selling turtles and birds. Everything is so lively here and I love it!

I ate a delicious falafel for supper that I made myself. They give you the pita and fried chickpea balls then you go to the topping station and load up. I know I overstuffed it but they had all my favorites! And the saucegirl that I am, how could I resist slopping on several different flavors? Needless to say, I made a bit of a mess but it was oh so good.

That night, I went on a huge pubcrawl organized by the hostel Kabul, where I was staying. We toured around to a bunch of different bars around Barcelona. There were lots of funny drinking games and it became quickly apparent that Aussies dominated the crowd. As usual. I met Kiwis, Canadians, South Africans, Americans, and of course, more Aussies. At the tequila bar everyone gave me their shot tickets claiming that they had gotten sick off tequila once too often. Well, its never been poison to me so I said why not?

Then we went to a dancing type club where I danced until my feet hurt. When we got home Skye and I got into our heads that it would be a good time to do laundry. After all the machines were finally not being used but then, who would be doing laundry at 2am. I wanted to wash EVERYTHING (not so smart) so I was running around in a towel after my 3am shower. It must have been really scary when I attempted to wake Francesca, the Italian girl in the next bed from her disruptive snoring bouts. I mean, all she would have seen was this wet girl in a green towel speaking English trying to hush her politely. All in all, my first day in Barcelona was a success. I quite enjoy the hustle and bustle but more than anything, I am enjoying the temperature.

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