Something for free! – Paris, France

Champs Elysees was so elegant and larger than life. I went into a Peugeot store and took a picture of this futuristic bubble-like car. It was entertaining to think that one day the streets may be zooming with these contraptions. And yay! I finally got my sunglasses fixed. I walked into a sunglasses store called Solaris on Champs Elysees to ask if I could get a screw put in as this is my only pair now that I lost my purple ones. The lady fixed them (took about 10 mins) and cleaned them then handed them back to me. I asked her how much I owed and she said there is no charge! Wow! Just when you think nothing is for free anymore.

I met Gina and Wade who were going back to Australia the next day after two months of travelling. We talked about the terrorist attack in Bali. I know I really can´t be scared of such things or I wouldn’t leave the house. And when it comes down to it, it could really happen anywhere. I refuse to let the terrorists terrorize me. Police in Paris are everywhere and wear tons of different uniforms. The flamboyant french love their outrageous clothes and colorful hair. People watching here is a real treat.

I sat at the Arc de Triumph watching people for hours. The names of major victories won during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods are engraved around the top of the arch. The names of less important victories are to found on the inside walls. Beneath the arch is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and eternal flame commemorating the dead of the two world wars. The roundabout made me laugh out loud on several occasions. It’s absolutely shocking that there are not more accidents. I mean 12 lanes and no markers or lines! I watched incredulously as one person in a Mr.Bean type car sat in the middle of the chaos for 5 minutes paralyzed in fear.

As I was walking to the metro, I ran into two older couples standing around trying to figure out how the metro tickets worked. I showed them how and had a nice chat with them. It’s so great to have such encouragement and belief from strangers. Back at the hotel, I caught up with Danielle. We went for a walk and got sucked into a gigantic perfume store. We felt a little bad for the others when we met up for supper because we smelled like a perfume factory.

We went to the cutest little french restaurant and ate snails, onion soup and beef stew. The peach melba for dessert was to die for. Then a few of us went back to the Sacre Coure where I played photographer for some students from Germany who were here for a school trip. Then I walked with Jody to Moulin Rouge so she could get a picture of the landmark by night. She waited patiently as I popped in to check my emails. I was relieved to hear that my little nephew who was sick was feeling much better. Then I kept Danielle Micheal and Serena up chatting away until I drifted off into a dream filled sleep. It was my last night in beautiful Parieeeee….

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