Looking down from the Tower – Paris, France

I went to a park near Champs Elysees and sat on a bench admiring the green, red and yellow shades of the leaves. There were these two French girls visiting on the next bench who were chattering away excitedly as I wrote in my journal. They asked me to take some Polaroids of them together as they explained to me that this was the last time they would see each other for 3 years! I was honored to be part of such a special memory. They returned the favor for me then skipped off.

I didn’t have high expectations of France so I have been pleasantly surprised. Last night, Serena, Micheal, Danielle and I went to the Eiffel Tower after drinking a few bottles of wine. We met local Erwan who fell in love last year with Aussie Cheri who has now moved here to study French. A beautiful couple who guided us through the metro and gave us plenty of laughs. I wanted a picture of us all on the metro so we asked the cutest little old french man to take one for us. He was so surprised when I asked for a picture with him also but agreed shyly. It was well worth the million dollar smile that he beamed at us as we left.

We got the the tower and I was floored. I had no idea it was so grande. You really have to see it in person to understand how beautiful it is. Daneille and I went for a spin on the carousel next door to the entrance before we made our way up…way, way up! Paris is so big but the buildings are quite low. There are not many skyscrapers here which probably makes the Eiffel Tower just that much more.

Perhaps man wasn´t meant to live in the clouds. There aren’t many tall office towers for Parisians to get caught up in the top of. Maybe it’s a reminder to balance – by not building work spaces larger than life. I have noticed the more corporate a city becomes, the less people smile, the less people talk. I guess its just so much effort to get down from those boxes high up in the sky…some people just forget about the trees and flowers on the ground.

It was chilly and overcast but the view of Paris was endless. The only thing I missed was the stars. After the tower, we headed back to the metro to make the short trip home. I think they should install ´mind the gap´ signs because I forgot and now have this monster blue/green bruise on my shin. I drank a bit too much wine I guess because I fell asleep on Danielles’ shoulder on the metro. I didn’t even remember that until I found the pictures of it that Micheal took as a joke. Opps. I think I wont drink wine for a while. I mean, its nice to be entertainment for them all but I like to remember how much fun I am having.

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