Sprinting the Louvre Lap – Paris, France

Kelley, my new Canadian friend and I missed the walking tour so we decided to make our own. First, we stopped at Bastille and then went to Notre Dame. Notre Dame was bigger on the outside than it seemed on the inside but I found later that the Louvre was quite the opposite. In any case, I wasn`t very impressed with this dark and dreary church and ended up leaving after a short time.

We must have walked by 50 pet and flower stores (is this the plant and animal district?)on the way to the Louvre. We couldn`t help but stop in and visit the kittens. I really miss my old cat Bug. In the courtyard, there are fountains with glass pyramids popping out of the cement which are windows into the museum. There were lots policemen whipping around on rollerblades and I thought that Paris seems like a fun place to be a cop.

Once inside, we found the Mona Lisa and discovered that if you smile at her long enough, she will smile back. I was interested by much of the detail in the religious art and was surprised that you are allowed to take pictures. The architecture in the Louvre is worth the price of admission alone. The ceilings are painted with intricate murals and the sculptures and columns are crafted with such talent.

I got lost in the grandness of it all and loved it. I could see how people can spend days or even weeks here but I would only give myself one day. I like to choose a few favorites and focus on them. I think I got through most of the building with my determined speed walk, stopping only occasionally when something would catch my eye. Kelley was wonderfully patient with me and waited for me outside in the sun while I raced through a last few exhibits before they shut.

Afterwards, I rested outside the Louvre watching people rollerblade around as if they were on Ice Capades. The sun is shining and the trickle and splash of the fountains was calming. There is a slight bite in the breeze reminding me that winter is coming – but its not here just yet.

We stopped at the supermarket to buy wine and supper. Lots of people here don’t speak english so I have been trying to expand my vocabulary beyond Pomme de Terre. Last night the gang ventured out to Moulin Rouge for the obligatory can can photos. Again, smaller than I would have thought. I guess we build things up in our heads a lot when they are so famous. We stopped for some decadent desserts before heading home to bed.

I love that they sell crepes (one of my favs) on every corner. The flavors can be simple like sugar and lemon or sweet apple caramel and they even make savory crepes…yum! Paris is very crowded and I must admit a little dirty but that is no surprise as it is quite the task to find a garbage can. Someone please give these people some trash bins!

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