Funny Funiculars and Little Lifts – Paris, France

Ok, so I am quite glad to be moving south. I didn`t sleep again the night before I left London. I hung out with Katrina and friends then caught the tube for the last time to meet my 7am train to France. The whole ride takes 30 mins to Paris. Its weird to be going again. I really hope its going to get warmer. France doesn’t seem as green but that could be because its mid-Oct.

I arrived in Paris and checked into the hotel but had a few troubles getting up the lift. They are the smallest elevators I have ever seen and you couldn`t even fit more than one person at a time. We even had to send our backpacks up separately!

Next a group of us made our way to the Sacre Coeur located just beyond Montmarte`s main square. We opted to climb the million steps up to it rather than take the funicular but at least now I know what a funicular is. It`s like an outdoor elevator that goes up and down long flights of stairs. When we went inside the church, I found it to feel heavy but really peaceful. We sat on the steps watching the sky change colors as the sun set over Paris. We feasted on red wine, creamy cheeses and fresh french baguettes.

We then went on an enchanting night boat cruise down the Seine. The Effiel Tower by night is stunning all lit up and goes up sooooo high. On the metro home, a man played accordion and his two sons rapped. I was very impressed and found myself bopping to the beat.

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