Liquid Lunching in London – London, United Kingdom

I met up with Katrina and we had the best day in Covent Gardens. We sat on the second level in front of the huge glass windows inside Burger King watching Leicester Square with our very own musical serenade from four talented boys. We then did a bit of shopping before going to meet up with Jacques and his friends in Greenwich.

I have no idea where the night went but all of sudden, magically it was morning…too soon. Katrina and I made our way home in the very chilly morning air. Later on, I met up with Mark, Helen and Sev back in Greenwich again for lunch which actually turned out to be a liquid lunch before we headed to the Tate Modern Museum. We each picked up our little chairs and contemplated art until beer bells started ringing in our head once again.

Last night Julie and I spent the night catching up over a few drinks. At the end of the night we realized that the tube had stopped so we jumped into a black car that stopped for us. Didn`t phase me that this wasn`t a cab. So this nice man drove us back to Julies house for 7 pounds. I guess this is what they do in London. There are black cabs but there are also `kinda cabs` – just people who show up when you need a ride.

Today I met Katrina for coffee and window shopped up and down Oxford Street. I am really happy to be meeting so many wonderful people. Different cities have different feels to them even tho they may be relatively close together. I find that the conversations are just a little bit different with the people. I have met so many different nationalities and am finding there are good people in every place. I love meeting locals because it just confirms it to me.

London is so much about commercialism. Everywhere you look you are being blasted with adverts. I have almost become numb to it but I have to wonder how much my subconscious is picking up. I have an overwhelming urge to buy a mobile (cell phone). The longer I spend in a place, the more I appreciate the little things. Parents taking their children to school, people going to work, people like me just coming home from a long night.

Every now and then, if you smile gently, you may begin to see a slight upturn on their mouths. Don`t scare them with a full on grin because well, some people are afraid of clowns. Just a silent confirmation that we are all in this together. Smiles are like very soft hugs – you can feel it most when you look into their eyes. I am sure that there is someone from every country here in London. It`s kind of like a very concentrated Canada. Every different flavor.

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