Don’t eat the acorns in Sherwood Forest – York, United Kingdom

Yesterday, I left York which has a center of medieval streets which would be hard to get lost in. There is a huge cathedral called Minster which is the largest in England that you can see from pretty much anywhere in town. We stopped off in Sherwood Forest where we saw Major Oak Tree (GIANT) which is held up with poles of sorts. I have now witnessed a tree on life support. The forest was really magical and peaceful at the same time. I didn`t see Robin Hood anywhere but there were some strange elusive dogs running around. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I think I shouldn`t have tried eating the acorn. It didn`t taste very good and made my tummy a bit upset.

Next, we stopped in Stratford Upon Avon where Shakespeare was born. If a town could be constructed purely for the tourists enjoyment, this would be what it looked like. It was a hot sunny day which made feeding the ducks and geese in the park among the plethora of monuments an fun task. The flowers were so vibrant and stunning that I had to keep reminding myself that yes, it is October. Walked by Shakespeare’s house and perused the gift shop which contains anything relating even remotely to the man. I had to have a 39p cone from McDonald’s. It`s one of the cheaper forms of ice cream here.

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