All nighters – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I had an exciting time staying awake all nite with Jules, Jon, Andy and Scott. But I somehow made it onto the bus this morning. I know that this is probably not a good pattern to be keeping when I see people like Gus who walk in and say `You did it again didn’t you` shaking his head with disbelief. I am thinking its probably a Scottish thing.

I am always amazed at how sometimes you can meet just the right people at just the right time…and they make your day. Jules is a very intelligent and sweet Aussie with lots of great stories of parties in Brighton. It`s really good to see people who make an effort to talk to everyone.

I will miss Scotland very much but I am positive I will be back. I could actually feel the difference of the road as we passed back over onto English soil. I was sad to not have been able to finish the book I was reading but I am sure it will come up again.

Renee, Carmella , Jules, Stephanie, Radka, Katrina….the list just goes on. I am so grateful to have met such kind people who made me smile more than once, more than twice. I met scientists, economists, teachers, and dream seekers like myself. For now, I am quite excited to be moving on to London.

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