Fairy Castles and Waterfalls of Youth – Isle of Skye, United Kingdom

I had such a peaceful feeling in Skye. I wasn`t sure if it was the birdsong or the way the sun warmed my skin. I spent an entire day sitting in nature with an otter and various other animals that came by to say hello. I also met many great people while sitting at the castle in Kyleakin.

A great part of travelling is that you meet so many people that were strangers a minute ago but now you have shared a special moment by both experiencing the same thing for the very first time. Its a very precious feeling. I had a great time playing some `special` drinking games with Laura, Julia, Chris, Christian, Divo and Hugo. Luckily, I went to bed before things got a little crazy. I still feel embarrassed for the receptionist who walked in and felt compelled to close the curtains for them.

I had heard about theories on interdependence before but had not really experienced a good example of it until the 7 of us decided to cook dinner and breakfast together. The boys made a really great spaghetti dinner and in the morning the girls made a big breakfast. We had many good laughs and enjoyed Divos beautiful singing voice. What struck me was that even though I had just met these people a few hours before, they really felt like family at this moment.

Its comforting when you are travelling and are moving in and out of places so quickly, to be able to actually connect with people on that level. As well, we noticed that for 1.90 you could buy a breakfast from the hostel of cereal and toast…we paid 1.50 each and had eggs, sausages, ham, cheese, hashbrowns, rolls and tomatoes. So I learned that working together really does have its pluses…its proven.

The hostel in Skye was so warm and friendly. There was most always a fire going and many good people to talk to. I met Scott and Jana from Berlin who described how it felt the day the Berlin Wall came down. Apparently, East Berliners had never tasted bananas and so people were walking around with bags full of bananas. It really moved me. I also met Colin (a local) who was so in love with one of the Canadian girls named Sherry that worked at the hostel, that he painted his entire car as a tribute to her.

The next day I went on the Skye tour and visited the Faerie Glen. It was just as, if not more magical that I had hoped. Everything here is miniature. Its odd. There is really no explanation for it but the hills and trees are just scaled down…fairy size.

I visited the fairy castle and went through the spiral. This is where you think about things you would like done away with all the way in, and in the middle you make a wish while spinning around three times, then as you walk out you think about happy things. I took many photos here and when I looked at them later, I noticed that there are some strange things in all the photos…perhaps the fairies.

We then went on to do some hiking where we came upon a magnificent waterfall where a couple fishing at the bottom had just caught a large shiny silver fish. If you stared into the water for a minute and then looked at the rocks, you could see a fantastic optical illusion.

We also stopped at another waterfall where everyone got down and stuck their face in the water as it was said it would retain your youthful beauty for the rest of your days. Hugo stuck his whole head in hoping that somehow this would prevent hairloss. I had a great time talking to Katrina from New Zealand and to everyone’s delight we were late getting back on the bus so…we had to shag the bus. Ug. It was almost as fun as snogging the Hairy Coos that morning. I felt bad for kissing just one so I went back and kissed the other one too. They really are like big puppies.

I met Swedish, South African, Mexican, Israeli, Australian, American, Kiwi, German, and Canadian people on the bus. It was a great day. It was sad to leave Skye but I have a feeling I will be back there at some point so I jumped on the bus and I was on my way Oban.

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